Blackened Oxide Metal Table Legs

All metal table leg finishes by Symmetry Hardware Dark metal table leg finishes. Blackened, black powder, and 'Industrial Dark' 'Blackened Oxide' finish on 2x2 tube steel table leg Metal table leg and mounting plate with 'Blackened Oxide' finish Table leg inside weld 'Blackened Oxide' finish Certain lighting will show the 'Blackened Oxide' finish has brown/bronze oxide undertones 2x2 tube steel table leg 'Blackened Oxide' finish 'Chassis' design used for matching dining table/bench set Metal table leg with adjustable foot in 'Blackened Oxide' finish Metal table leg welded cross joint shown here grinded and blackened This blackened table leg is resting on several black powder coated pieces 'Blackened Oxide' finish on the left. Black powder coat finish on the right. Dining table leg in 'Blackened Oxide' resting on a stack of black powder coat legs 'Blackened Oxide' has a high gloss sheen 'Chassis' with bolt on support beam in 'Blackened Oxide' Close up of 'Blackened Oxide' finish Dining table base with slotted holes in 'Blackened Oxide' finish Table leg finishes left to right: Black powder coat, Brushed, Blackened Oxide