Big Flat Pin | Made-To-Order

These table legs are handmade to order. Check here for current lead times.
Modern flat bar table legs for sale
$ 72.00

Dining Height

Suited for dining tables, desks, console tables and more

Flat Bar

This leg is made from solid flat bar steel material


Approximately 3 weeks until shipment

Don't want to wait?

Sold Individually

Quantity 3 or 4 required for 1 table

No Adjustable Feet

Adjustable leveling feet are not available on this design

Metal table legs are like the shoes of the interior design world. It’s all about the accessories. Our Flat Pins borrow from the mid-century hairpin table leg design, but have an added touch of clean industrial. The aggressive bend at the base makes a bold statement. If your table top is a turtleneck mini-dress, these dining table legs are the go-go boots. Eat your heart out Nancy Sinatra.

  • Dimensions

  • - Height: 21"-30"
  • - Width: 10"
  • - Depth: 2.5"
  • - Steel thickness: 1/4", 3/8"
  • Hardware

  • - Hex screws for mounting
  • - Screw diameter: 1/4"
  • - Screw length: 1.25"
  • Finishes

  • - Clear sealant
  • - Unfinished
  • - Satin Black powder coat
  • - Silver Metallic powder coat
  • - Gloss White powder coat

Finishes Explained

Clear sealant

This metal comes straight from the steel yard and is then sealed with a clear coat. The result is a dark graphite grey coloring. This will show the gashes/blemishes of the raw material, making every piece unique and industrial. There is a slight sheen to this finish. Not suited for outdoor use.

Satin Black powder coat

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly alternative to paint. Our black is fine textured, and has a soft granular feel. The sheen on the Satin Black is minimal.

Silver Metallic powder coat

This is a special two step process. A base of Metallic Silver with a high gloss 2nd coat is applied. The base coat has tiny specs in it to give dimension. The clear coat adds depth and is smooth to the touch.

Gloss White powder coat

This finish is a striking pure white, that accentuates the simple lines of the design. The high gloss sheen is shiny and smooth. People often pair this with a table top that is lighter color.


Unfinished steel is best for those planning to finish the metal themselves. It will show varying amounts of blemishes. Over time, these legs will rust in tiny spots here and there, but never rust out. Not suited for outdoor use.