6 Handcrafted Items That Will Make You Love Your Home Office: Portland Edition

November 08, 2016 Levi Zortman

Love Your Office

At Symmetry, we believe you should love your office. It should be a joy to work in — energizing and relaxing you all at once. To help you create the ultimate work space we scoured Portland for dozens of unique, handcrafted products — and then handpicked those that impressed us most. Here’s our curated list of amazing home office items, and why you need them.

Adequate Task Lighting
Insufficient lighting can make your work space gloomy and increase eye fatigue. Good task lighting is the key to surviving long hours in front of your laptop.

Product we love: Handcrafted in Portland and vintage-inspired, the simple lines of the Miles Desk Lamp make it suitable for nearly any home office. In addition to being attractive, it’s also exceedingly well-designed — featuring an adjustable arm and head that allow you to direct light with unheard-of precision.

A Practical, Yet Attractive Desk
Your desk is primary work area, so it’s important that it’s highly functional. But it’s also the focal point of your home office, so let it reflect your sense of style.

Product we love: Symmetry’s metal desk legs. Pair our metal furniture legs with the desktop of your choice, and say hello to your one-of-a-kind, custom work surface. 1/2" thick flat bar legs work well for traditional desks, and tube steel legs are ideal options for standing desks. All of Symmetry’s metal desk legs are handmade to order and can be customized to match your office vibe.
love your office blog post metal desk legs



 Creative Storage Solutions

Nothing will distract and depress you faster than an untidy work area. Smart storage and organizational solutions can help keep clutter at bay, maximize space, and add to your office décor. Lucky for you, there’s no shortage of creative storage options on the market today.

Products we love: These custom crafted shelving units from Portland-based design firm MADE, are sure to keep your office tidy — and trendy. Organize pens and other must-have supplies with West Elm’s Color Pop Office Accessories, and opt for rich-looking, handcrafted storage bins to keep your files in order.

Love Your Office blog post shelving by MADE


Wall Art that Speaks to You

Used in harmony with the right window treatments, flooring, and accessories, wall art can transform the look and feel of your home office instantly.

Products we love: If inspirational quotes fuel your productivity, consider ordering more than one from Oh Lovely Printables. For soothing ambiance, consider an original Rain Painting from Portland artist Jeni Lee. Each piece is meticulously crafted with layers of paint, rain, and recycled rainwater.

love your office blog post Rain painting


Positive Vibes

The ultimate home office engages all of your senses, including smell. In fact, choosing the right scents can have a positive impact on your well-being, improve alertness, and cultivate creativity.

Products we love: In 2002, Branda Tiffany launched Oregon-based Molly Muriel, a line of natural products that includes candles. Try Bright Eyes Lemongrass Candle to boost efficiency and the Embrace Cedarwood and Bergamot Mint Candle to help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Love your office blog candle


A Stylish Laptop Bag

Okay, so this one kind of doesn't count. But no matter how comfortable and inviting your home office is, sometimes it’s more fun to work from your local coffee shop — which means you need a quality laptop bag.

Products we love: If you want a bag that’s streamlined and fashionable, look no further than The Gracie. Handmade by the crafters at Sassy Sparrow, this bag features herringbone burlap with a color block of duck cloth. Those who crave classic accessories will want to get their hands on this retro style leather office bag, and Black Star Bags are the active person’s go-to carrying solution. Founded in 2006 by Dave Stoops, Portland-based Black Star Bags hand makes some of the best waterproof bags on the planet.

Love your office blog laptop bag


From Symmetry’s sleek metal desk legs to Jeni Lee’s artwork — these impressive handmade products will help you create the stylish home office you deserve.


Got ideas for any other sweet stuff? Leave a comment and we'll cover it in our next edition!

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