Frequently Asked Questions


Current Lead Time

What's your lead time?

Time until shipment will vary, and depend on our current work load. Once shipped, your order can take 1-5 days to arrive. Current time until ship date is:

Made-To-Order Ready-Made
Currently, most orders are made and ship in just 1-2 weeks. Large or custom orders can take a bit longer. If you need something sooner, let us know and we'll do what we can to help out! 1-2 days


I only received part of my order. Where is the rest?

If you didn't receive all of your parts, don't panic!

Orders are often split into separate shipments and may have staggered delivery times. The rest of your order will probably arrive the following day. You may only get one tracking number in your email notification, even if there are multiple shipments in the works.

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost depends on your order.

You'll want to add the items to your cart and go through most of the checkout process to see your total price.

Will you ship to my country?

We currently only ship to the United States and Canada.

Can you expedite shipping time?

Shipping heavy duty metal legs is costly. Most people are not interested in the hefty price increase of expedited shipping. However, if you're in a jam, email us for a quote

Can I pick up in person?

No. Sorry, we no longer offer this.


Are the table legs sold individually? Or as a pair?

Individually, except when they are not! I know it can be confusing. The easiest way to tell the differece is by looking at the photo. What you see in the photo is what you get.

Here is a list of our table legs (sold individually) and our table bases (sold as a unit).

Table Legs
(sold individually)
Table Bases
(sold as a unit)
Bell Alpine
A-Frame Cascade
Chassis Quad
Crafstman Gemini
H-Frame Mesa
Metro Timberline
90 Villa
Dipper Zephyr
Duet Continental
Summit Round Pedestal
Hairpin 2-Rod Cross Pedestal
Hairpin 3-Rod
What is standard overall dining table height, including the table top thickness?
Dining Height Bar Height Counter Height Coffee Height
30" 42" 36" 16-18"
How tall/wide should the legs be?
Here is some seating arrangement info to consider:

We recommend a minimum of 12" from the end of the table for end seating legroom. Then, for the sides of the table, the gold standard is to give each person 24" for each place setting.

For the width of the table, you'll want the footprint of the base (width at bottom) to be minimum 2/3 of the top.

If your table is long enough to accomodate a wider footprint, we suggest at least an aesthetic overhang of 1-3".

Can you paint/powder coat the table legs?

Yes. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly and durable finish. Currently we offer Low gloss clear, Satin Black, Silver Metallic, and Gloss White. Check the product drop down menu for pricing. Custom color options are available for bulk orders. E-mail us at for a quote.

Powder coating can extend lead times by 4 business days.

Can I get my legs/table base without a finish?

Sure, just leave us a note during checkout. However, keep in mind that the steel will very slowly rust in various spots if not eventually finished.

How do I attach the legs?

Legs come with holes and screws for attaching. The included hex head screws are zinc plated, 1/4" diameter, and 1.25" long. Be sure to drill a small pilot hole in the table top to prevent stripping of screws or cracking of wood. Be careful not to over tighten.

Why should I order adjustable leveling feet?

Because your floor is not level! This will ensure that your table will not rock or wobble no matter where you decide to put it.

How much height is added with adjustable leveling feet?

Leveling feet will add 0.25" to 1" to the height depending on how far you screw in the foot.

How much height is added with casters?

Casters will add about 4" in height (3.8") when fully installed.

Return Policy

I received a different size/finish than I ordered

We messed up! It DOES happen. We will replace your order with the correct one, as soon as we finish apologizing. We may ask you to send us the incorrect order back, at no charge to you.

I accidentally ordered the wrong size

Ordering the correct size is important. Please triple check your dimensions and don't be afraid to ask us for help.

With extremely high steel and shipping costs, we can no longer refund accidental orders.

I already placed my order. Can I change, modify or cancel?

Every order is handmade custom, so please give us a shout before you order to ensure we are correctly making what you need.

In the case you need to make a change after your order has already entered production, our policy is as follows:

  • - Any change, modification, or cancel within 24 hours can be made at no cost.
  • - Orders after 24 hours that have not yet shipped are subject to a fee of a minimum of 50% (not including shipping cost).
  • - Orders that have shipped cannot be changed or cancelled.