Heavy Duty, Sturdy Metal Legs Tables 

Made in the USA

Our entire team and manufacturing facility is located in Vancouver, WA. We source local materials from the Pacific Northwest and have a trusted team of experienced artisans building the highest-quality table legs on the market. We take pride in our pretty looking welds and overall fit and finish.

To see photos of our dining table metal legs and other finished products from real customers, check our instagram gallery.

Choosing The Right Height of Iron Table Legs: A Simple Formula

Dining Legs Height

When sizing up your dining size table, keep in mind the thickness of your table top. Standard dining table height is 30". So, if your tabletop is 2" thick, you'll want to order legs that are 28" tall.

Dining Legs Width

We recommend the table legs be at least ⅔ the width of the dining table top. In most cases, you can go wide as possible, leaving a 1”-3” aesthetic overhang. Contact us at help@steeltablelegs.com for specific recommendations.

Dining Legs Length

Depending on the dining table base design, you may need to determine the length. We recommend a minimum of 12" from the end of the table for end seating legroom. Then, for the sides of the table, the goal is to give each person 24" for each place setting.

What about metal kitchen legs or metal desk legs - are those sizing guides different?

Nope, they are all generally 30" standard overall height. However, desk legs or kitchen table legs can be made to match your existing chair or seat height. So get out your measuring tape! We're happy to help with specific recommendations. Just email help@steeltablelegs.com to request assistance.

Examples of Metal Table Bases and Legs by Symmetry Hardware in the Wild

The pictures below are from customers who used our products to build something special.

'Dipper' Flat Bar Legs

metal legs for desk by Symmetry Hardware

'Chassis' table base

modern metal table legs by Symmetry Hardware

'Hairpin' Table Legs

kitchen table legs on wooden table by Symmetry Hardware

'Zephyr' Table Base

dining table legs - metal finish by Symmetry Hardware

Looking For Custom-Made Table Legs? Or Ready-Made?

The dining table legs listed on this page are custom made-to-order. You can choose your design, your size, and your finish. They are subject to our current lead times. 

If you need dining table legs lightning fast, check our Ready-Made section for legs that are pre-made and in stock.

Ready-Made Table Legs

How Long Will it Take to Get Your Table Legs?


It’ll take 3 weeks before we ship your made-to-order table legs. They’ll arrive about 1-7 days after shipping. If you want upgraded finishes on your table legs (such as a black powder coat or antiqued copper patina), you can expect to add an extra 4-7 calendar days to your order’s lead time.


We will ship your ready-made dining table legs in 1-3 days and then they’ll arrive 1-7 days after shipping.

FAQs About Our Dining/Kitchen/Desk Table Bases and Legs

Should I add metal legs to a wood table?

Adding metal table legs to a wood table top is something that many of our customers have done. You can scroll through our gallery to see examples of this!

Once I get my dining table legs, how do I attach them?

Our metal dining table legs come with pre drilled holes and screws for attaching. The hex head screws are zinc plated, 1/4" diameter, and 1.25" long. Be sure to drill a small pilot hole in the table top to prevent stripping of screws or cracking of wood.

How expensive are iron table legs?

Thankfully we have straightforward and transparent pricing for our table legs. If you scroll up, you can see all of our different products and options with exact pricing information.

modern metal table legs by Symmetry Hardware

Do you sell both metal table bases and metal table legs?

Yep, we sure do!What you see is what you get. If you scroll up, you’ll notice the photos indicate whether you’re getting individual table legs (sold individually) or full table bases (sold as a unit).

I’m going for a modern look. Do you sell modern metal table legs?

Because we specialize in metal table legs, most/all of our products can be built to look modern. Of course it’ll depend on the table top that you pair it with, but our products work quite well for tables designed to fit in modern spaces.

How are your table legs different from anything else on the internet?

Well, everything is made-to-order. We don’t buy cheap products from China and then resell them to you at a ridiculous mark-up.We source the materials, most of which are USA-based materials originating in our backyard of the Pacific Northwest. Our team of artisans in Vancouver, Washington (USA) then make the table legs and ship them directly to your home or business.