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The Squad


Metal Shop Lead

Scott can execute every part of the table leg production process and is responsible for making sure all fabrication is done correctly.

Scott loves his Pitbull/Australian Shepard "Grace" and has recently started blacksmithing.


Finish Welder

Robert is a multi skilled metal worker, but his main duty in the shop is finish welding. He beads the legs with finish welds before they head into the grinding room.

Rob likes pickle juice. He raises pigs/chickens and rides a Harley 2006 Street Bob


Fit Welder

Andrew is our primary fit up welder. He assembles material and ensures everything is square.

Andrew has done nothing but good work since he joined the team.


Owner, e-commerce

Levi is the owner of Symmmetry Hardware. He began making table legs by hand and developing the first online customer experience in 2015. He helps customers find solutions.

Levi loves to hike, camp, surf, snowboard and video the Pacific Northwest.



Turkey gets excited about your presence. He shows his excitement with a howl and occasional itching of his rear end.

Turkey thinks he's human, but in fact, he's just a dog.


Order Logistics, Metal Finishing

Devin has a clear view of the overall Symmetry Hardware production process. He picks up the pieces that might get left behind. Devin is a super nice guy.

Devin has a 3 year old daughter and hangs in his low rider car club.