The Squad


Metal forming, quality assurance

Chad is primarily responsible for forming all of the flat bar steel table legs. He runs two hydraulic presses and attempts to catch manufacturing mistakes on hundreds of custom orders.

Chad enjoys building/riding bicycles, eating tacos and petting all the dogs.



Robert is a multi skilled metal worker, but his main duty in the shop is welding. Mostly, he fits up the table legs according to their design.

Rob likes pickle juice. He raises pigs/chickens and rides a Harley 2006 Street Bob


Shop master

Andrew is the longest standing employee and oversees all metal shop production activities.

Andrew is a maker of many things; fine and otherwise. Steel, leather, wood, cloth. He has 3 kids and drives a 53 year old Ford Custom.


Owner, customer care

Pete started this movement with a single minded focus to deliver artisan craftsmanship in every product. Now, his workday never truly ends. He responds promptly to e-mails and phone calls almost nonstop to ensure our customers get the help they need.

Pete is currently converting his garage into a recording studio for his music.



Lucy mostly just paces around the shop, wagging her tail and giving you puppy dog eyes while looking like a polar bear. Her value can't be overstated.

Gooood girrrl Lucy


Metal finishing

Alias is the metal finishing master. He spends hours hand surfacing and finishing each pair of table legs, until they are up to his standards.

Alias spends most of his time outside of work on two wheels, hoping to make it one wheel. Dank whoolies.


Shipping, metal finishing

John is the lead on tracking, packing, and shipping table legs. It's no easy job when dealing with hundreds of custom made orders.

John is currently rebuilding a 1982 Yamaha XS650 in his garage.


Owner, e-commerce

Levi helped Pete early on, from making table legs by hand to developing the first online customer experience. He now helps problem solve daily activities, handles admin duties, and continues to evolve the digital user experience.

Levi loves to hike, camp, surf, snowboard and RV the Pacific Northwest.


Shipping, metal shop duties

Devin works in the shipping department, but flexes most of his muscle as the primary metal grinder. He is a super nice guy.

Devin has a 3 year old daughter and hangs in his low rider car club.



Scott is a veteran welder. He puts beautiful finish welds on the table legs after they are fit up.

Scott loves his Pitbull/Australian Shepard "Grace" and has recently started blacksmithing.


Jack of all metals

Johnny can tackle any task thrown at him. Cutting steel, drilling steel, grinding steel, hydraulic press operation, tracking orders, and even metal finishing.

Johnny has 2 kids, and is an avid disc golfer.



Turkey gets excited about your presence. He shows his excitement with a howl and occasional itching of his rear end.

Turkey thinks he's human, but in fact, he's just a dog.